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Windsor Bin Rental

Windsor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas of Windsor do you service?

A: We deliver Residential Friendly Dumpsters to the following locations across the Windsor-Essex area:

Q: How long are your bin rental periods?

A: Our typical rental period is 7 days. This rental period is included in our all-in pricing that also includes 1 ton of disposal waste, the delivery and pick-up of the bin and our driveway protection system

Q: What are your bin rental prices in Windsor?

A: The prices to rent a bin in the Windsor area are dependent on a few items like:

It's worth noting that Bin There Dump That's prices include the delivery, pick-up of the bin, 1 ton of disposal, 7 day rental and our driveway protection system. We encourage you to check out our pricing page and call our Dumpster Consultants who are always ready to receive your call and find the best waste disposal solution for you.

Q: Do you work with Contractors?

A: Absolutely! We have created many relationships across town with contractors who appreciate our availability, our ability to meet 24 hours and sometimes same-day dumpster rental requests and our customer service. If you're a general contractor who's looking for a reliable bin rental supplier, please contact us at 226-221-9559.

Q: Will your bin scratch my driveway?

A: Our driveway protection system makes sure our dumpsters never touch your property! In fact, we always put our boards down, before we put our bins down

Q: How much notice do you need to provide me a rental?

A: In many cases, we're happy to provide you same-day bin rental service. Typically, we can provide you a trash container in no later than 24-48 hours.

Q: What bin size do I need for my project?

A: We recommend your connect with our Dumpster Consultants to help walk you through your waste disposal project and recommend the right bin size for you. This article on which dumpster size is best for your project will be helpful as well.


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